This Video Of Chris Christie At A Bruce Springsteen Concert Is Gloriously Different Than His 2012 Show - VIDEO

On Monday, Chris Christie was caught on film rocking out at a Bruce Springsteen concert in New York. Christie's love for the Boss is well-documented, and while the two have something of a rocky history, that didn't stop the New Jersey governor from dancing and singing along with the rest of the crowd. The video of Chris Christie at a Bruce Springsteen concert is delightful — and very different from what happened the last time Christie was spotted at such a show.

It's been public knowledge for quite some time that Christie simply adores Springsteen. He has been to over 100 of the Boss's shows, knows all of the words to his every song, and gushed about the rock star on a fan listserv in the '90s. Christie also has said that all four of his children attended Springsteen shows in utero.

But despite both being Jersey boys, the two don't see eye-to-eye politically. Christie is a center-right Republican, but Springsteen is quite liberal, and that's created some tension between the two. Chris loves Bruce, but Bruce doesn't love Chris.

It's been amusing to watch this dynamic play out. In 2011, when Christie asked Springsteen to play at his inauguration, Springsteen said no. In response, Christie admitted that the two had political differences, but made sure to add that this "doesn't diminish at all my enjoyment of him as an artist and a performer." Later, Springsteen penned a letter to a local newspaper slamming Christie and his policies. Christie replied that, while "Bruce is a liberal," that "doesn't mean I like him any less." Aww.

Back in 2012, a micro-scandal erupted when somebody claimed that they saw Christie dozing off at a Springsteen show in Madison Square Garden. An image of Christie with his eyes closed at the concert added fuel to the fire, and the outrage amongst fans was so great that the New Jersey governor had to answer for it at a press conference. Christie's defense was that Springsteen was playing "kind of a spiritual song" at the time, and that by closing his eyes, he was merely enjoying the music on an even deeper level. There's some validity to this. "Rocky Ground" is indeed a pretty low-energy song.

GovChristie on YouTube

Regardless, if there were any Christie/Springsteen truthers out there who believed that Christie really was snoozing at that 2012 show, they'll hopefully be satisfied by this most recent video. It's firm and undeniable proof that Christie, for all of his faults, really does love Bruce Springsteen.