This Is A Genius Way To Read More Books

This is a genius solution for those of us with TBR lists longer than the dictionary: the Rightspeed app plays audiobooks at 10x the speed so that you can race your way through them in no time at all. This may be what I've been waiting for all my life. At last, I can ditch the 25 books stacked up dangerously on my bedtime table: with the Rightspeed app, I can just download the audiobooks and make my way through the whole pile in a couple of hours. Awesome.

And if you're worrying that you wouldn't be able to keep up with such breakneck speeds, don't fret. You can adjust the speed to whatever's most comfortable for you. The app's creator, Max Deutsch, prefers to listen to books at 5.3x their usual speed — which is still pretty impressive. Even at that speed, you could make it through the entire epically long Harry Potter series in less than a day. You could finish War and Peace in under 12 hours — and that's saying something. How long does it take to read Moby Dick ? You could have finished it before breakfast!

The coolest feature of the app is that it actually teaches you how to get through books faster. At first, it's bound to sound very strange having books recited back to you at 100 miles an hour — but if you use the slow acceleration feature, the speed will increase by a minuscule 0.1x every two minutes. Before you know it, you'll be hurtling your way through Infinite Jest at breakneck speeds without even noticing.

Have fun finishing off your TBR list!

Image: Pixabay