Tom Hardy is Trapped in a Car & Can't Get Out

The Dark Knight Rises star has been a bit M.I.A. as of late, having dropped out of a leading role in The Outsider , but now, Tom Hardy's back in the first trailer for Locke. According to IMDB, the film centers around "a man whose life unravels during a 90-minutes race against time." Ninety minutes, eh? That's like, the perfect time for a feature film. (Ironically, the film is actually only 85 minutes in length). But what YouTube commenters and critics have been quick to analyze what the film's tagline really means. "Does the whole movie take place in a car?" one viewer comments. "The quest of a man for a parking spot," writes another, poking fun at the fact that the trailers only plot point is Tom Hardy, looking very stressed out, taking phone calls in a car.

But perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to judge, as the spot boasts critics quotes, like this one from The Telegraph: "One of the most nail-biting thrillers of the year." And Variety called the movie, "ingeniously executed." And let us not forget that this is Tom Hardy, and if his exit from The Outsider says anything, it's that Hardy choses his roles wisely. From Inception to Tinker, Tailer, Solider, Spy, he hasn't struck out yet. So alright Hardy, we'll take the bait. Just promise that on this long (well, 85 minutes) and winding road of epic proportions, we get to ride shotgun.

Watch the first trailer for Locke below: