When Will Jaclyn Hill's Second BECCA Collaboration Come Out? Very Soon, Friends

The beauty-obsessed subsection of the internet lost its collective mind on Thursday when Jaclyn Hill's second BECCA collaboration was officially confirmed. After rumors started circulating earlier in the week, Hill announced via Snapchat that a new product is indeed in the works. And while she didn't give an official launch date yet, Hill assured us that we won't have to wait very long at all.

"Not very long" is reassuring enough, but there have also been photos of a mysterious invite circulating around that ask recipients to join Jaclyn Hill and BECCA for a "Champagne Celebration" on May 17 in New York City. So... it sounds like May 17 is likely the launch date, at least for press. And if it is just a limited preview, chances are the product will launch within a week after the event. BECCA has not yet responded to Bustle's request for comment regarding the new collaboration.

As far as what the new collection will actually include, the only hint Hill gave was that the Champagne Pop family is growing. That means we can probably bet on something with highlighting capabilities, though whether it will be another powder (like Hill's first collaboration) or take the form of BECCA's ultra-popular liquid Backlight Priming Filter is up in the air.

The packaging doesn't offer any clues either. This could hold a circular powder compact just as well as a bottle of primer.

The suspense is truly killer, but I have a hunch it'll be worth the wait.