The Woman On Drake's "Keep The Family Close" Intro Is A Mystery, But We Have Some Clues

While you're listening to Views for the thousandth time in the last five minutes, all kinds of questions might start popping into your head. I know I have a pretty big one. Like, who is the woman on "Keep The Family Close" on Views ? The woman speaks during the intro and the outro to the song, so it seems a little strange to me that there shouldn't be an automatic answer to that question. She purrs, "It's a little chilly out there / How you can stand there is beyond me" during the intro of our song, and she makes it sound so sultry and amazing that I need her to be every bit as famous as Drake himself. So, just out of curiosity, who even is this woman?

The woman isn't listed in the production notes that Drake released to his Instagram the other day, and there's nothing about her on the track listing or in any of the articles I read reviewing the album or the song itself (they list her only as a "female voice"). However, a notation on Wikipedia that suggests her name is Sabrina Galmo. This seemed to be reinforced by the fact that a post on OVOForums also listed Sabrina Galmo as having done the intro to the song. Bustle has reached out to Drake for comment, but has yet to receive a response. In the meantime, this speculation is the closest that we're going to get to tracking down the mysterious woman crooning on "Keep The Family Close."

Now, there's a possibility that someone just added their own name as a fun joke, because Sabrina Galmo doesn't have a real internet presence that I'm able to dig up. However, until Drake actually confirms that this Sabrina Galmo is the next big hit in music — as I would declare her from that outro alone — we'll just have to wait. And listen to "Keep The Family Close." And wait some more. Honestly, that's not a bad way to spend the day.

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