Abbi Jacobson's Rocked The WHCD

One of the best fashion/comedy moments of Broad City was Abbi's blue bandage dress, the one she bought to "step up her game" for a "rooftop Soho party" (and then couldn't return). If you didn't think she could outdo herself, think again: the real Abbi Jacobson's 2016 White House Correspondent's Dinner dress was amazing on a whole different level.

On the show, Abbi can't ever seem to get her life together, despite her best efforts. With money, job, and relationship worries on her mind (not to mention that pesky BFF Ilana, who is always getting them into trouble), Character Abbi might not have time to consider her fashion choices very deeply.

Well, IRL Abbi doesn't have that problem.

For the WHCD, Jacobson chose an incredibly chic, all-black gown, and it made her look like a women who is fashion-savvy, completely in control, and not at all thinking about performing questionable sex acts to her next door neighbor. Jacobson arrived on the red carpet with Ilana Glazer, who also incredible in a rust-colored gown and seriously on-trend choker. This isn't the Abbi we're used to seeing, but there's something about Jacobson's look that makes us want to see her on more red carpets in the future.

She's really got this fashion thing pegged.

Images: Getty