Twitter Users Talk About Learning From Heartbreak

Few make it through life without experiencing the awkward, painful, and transformative powers of the break up. And even fewer make it through a breakup without gaining some sort of perspective on what works and what doesn't. Today, Twitter users are digging deep into their love lives with the trending hashtag #LastRelationshipTaughtMe, and revealing the good, bad, and ugly lessons they learned from them.

The science of breakups (and common sense) has confirmed that cutting ties with your S.O. is both a mental and physical process. One study found that your body goes through withdrawal and mimics the effects of kicking an addictive drug after a breakup, while others have suggested your IQ is temporarily lowered, and that listening to sad music actually helps you heal. Some breakups don't end too badly and both parties can move on quickly, feeling grateful for the experience, while others make you wish you could erase any memories of the entire hellish debacle, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind-style. And speaking of bad breakups, another recently published study concluded that those who have been cheated on end up being better off than those who do the cheating, thanks to all the fun learning you're forced to do along the way. So, cheers to breakups! Here's to the many things that your previous relationships can teach you:

Images: Unsplash; Twitter