The 'Monuments Men' Head to the White House Because Obama Loves His Entertainment

Following a weekend spent binge-watching advanced episodes of Game of Thrones (damn you, Obama! No one else gets to watch that until April 9th!) and the second season of House of Cards, President Barack Obama is getting back to inviting George Clooney and his buddies to the White House for a screening of the film Monuments Men . Because Barack Obama, just like the rest of us, cannot seem to find enough media to fill up his hours of consumption time.

But I mean, would you blame him? (Especially after the insanity that was House of Cards season two.) The affair, which will host not only cast but crew members, will also find Obama's fundraiser buddy and the film's co-writer and director (in addition to star) George Clooney in attendance. The closed-to-press event will happen on Tuesday evening and is actually a bit of a rarity, considering the film has already been out in theaters since February 7th. Typically films shown at the White House are done so prior to their wide release. But I suppose that's what happens when the person heading up the filmed helped you raise a then-record $15 million for your re-election campaign. “We raised a lot of money because everybody loves George,” Obama said during that $40,000-a-ticket event. “They like me, they love him.”

Monuments Men is based on a true story from the days of World War II, documenting the completely fish-out-of-water World War II unit — made up of art historians and the like rather than war machines — tasked with saving priceless art from the Nazis. As you do.