Shia's At it Again, With a Request For You

In his most recent piece of self-effacing-slash-self-aggrandizing attempt to abandon fame in turn for shame, Shia Labeouf cryptically tweeted, “#startcreating” with a picture of a black and white sky, because you know, THERE IS INFINITY AFTER PAIN. This is after his #IAMSORRY tweet (apparently, he's done with remorse and all things that have to do with feeling apologetic, since his exhibit closed last night), and slew of daily tweets in which he claimed he was not famous anymore.

Now, this mysterious message that obviously encourages the formation of community and ART must mean something. But what does Shia want us to create? If we’re to start, we need to know where to begin. Here are some ways that we may be able to #startcreating for the formerly famous star.

1. Paper Bag Art

If his paper bag on the head has revealed anything, it's THE POWER OF THE PAPER BAG. Like, let's take these lunchbox items and turn them into something real, you know? Obviously, Shia has taught us to start exploring the power of the paper bag mask, but let's really look at creating stuff with messages! I'll start with puppets.

2. Relics of Even Stevens

Does anybody else remember this gem of a series from the glory days of the Disney channel, and when Shia hadn't even hit puberty yet? Perhaps we can create NOSTALGIA by creating our own personal shrines to the G-rated television show.

3. Art Exhibitions Expressing Our Remorse And Regrets

If there's something that #IAMSORRY has taught me, it's that if I were a celebrity, I too, could take my past and thoughts and make an apology to the public about the things that I feel sorry about. This for me would begin with an audio tape of me singing every song from "Wicked" and the Valentine I sent to Zac Hanson in 1998 if someone can find it rummaging through 16 year old trash.


Shia walked out of the closing of his exhibit last night and had a group hug with a couple of fans. So maybe we should start with that? And maybe create a commune while we're at it? Or friendship bracelets? BRB while I go braid my hair in the corner.

5. New Instagram Filters

For our black and white skies, ya know?

6. Conversation About Fame And Identity

Which….I'm sure is what he's after all along, and here we all are, posting about it on the Internet. But before I give in too wholeheartedly, I'm going to go return to braiding my hair so I, too, can #startcreating!