The 4 Best Jimmy Moments (That He Needs To Repeat)

Jimmy Fallon finally made his premiere appearance on The Tonight Show , and as Saturday Night Live's Stefon would say (as well as many writers who can't think of a better way to introduce a list of things), it had everything: Lady Gaga in killer Lady Godiva wig, sober Lindsay Lohan, a bunch of fake hundred dollar bills, Lesbian Screech, U2 on top of the Rockefeller Center, Will Smith doing the Carlton, and an adorably nervous Jimmy Fallon. Of course, this was a big moment for The Tonight Show, so they pulled out all the stops. But who's to say some of it couldn't happen again? Here's just a few of the things from last night's show that Fallon should keep around.

Random Celebrity Appearances

It's hard to get mad at a Tina Fey appearance... but at some point, the "$100 bet" bit turned into a "people clapping for famous people" bit. Fortunately, Stephen Colbert saved it by bringing out $100 in pennies and proceeding to make it rain all over Jimmy Fallon. Obviously, the show decided to bring out some big names for Fallon's debut to get people talking. It's not something that they'll be able to do every show — and that's probably a good thing. But it's nice to get surprised by a celebrity who's not a guest on the show every now and then.

"Evolution of..."

Fallon's "Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing" with Will Smith was the standout viral moment of last night's show. It's easy to see why — nostalgia and dancing make for a great combination. (Although really, can we stop twerking on everything? You can't just say twerking or attempt to twerk and have that just be a joke, c'mon guys. That's just lazy.)

But that wasn't Fallon's first "evolution"... he's done it with dad dancing, rap with Justin Timberlake, and mom dancing with Michelle Obama. It's a formula, and it works.

Tonight Show Superlatives

This was introduced as a series, and it seems like it'll be a pretty good one. It combines Fallon's strengths: biting observations and on-point impressions. And any bit that can correctly identify Pierre Bodas as the "World's Tallest Jonas Brother" is bound to be a winner.

Fallon's Parents

It's cute when celebrities bring their parents to anything, but it's even more adorable when they can hold their own on screen. And Jimmy Fallon's dad has some serious sass, ribbing Fallon during his nervous opening monologue.

Here's to many more Tonight Shows, Fallon.

Image: NBC