London Fashion Week Fall 2014 Beauty Looks That Stole the Show

London Fashion Week kicked off last Friday, providing fashion lovers with a necessary distraction from the mid-February Valentine's Day hype. We've been keeping a close eye on the fashion all week, but sometimes the hair and makeup looks are what steal the show. After all, makeup is way more accessible for those on a budget than designer clothing, and therefore way easier to imitate. So forget about the weird, ugly-pretty looks from the London runways and instead take a gander at the best of the beauty from LFW 2014 — this is the stuff that you'll want to recreate on your visage immediately.

Channeling Margot Tenenbaum at Topshop Unique Fall 2014

Almost as iconic as Margot Tenenbaum’s giant fur coat are her center-part and her smudgy eyeliner. Topshop Unique sent an army of Margots down the runway in bulky silhouettes and, yes, a few chunky furs. But it’s that beauty look we’re really coveting. Lucky for us, a flat-iron and an eye pencil are cheaper than an oversized (faux) fur.

Image: britishvogue/Instagram

Stained Glass Eyeshadow at Julian Macdonald Fall 2014

While this look might not be all that practical for the real world as our own Tori found out, these stained glass eyes made the dresses on Julian Macdonald’s runway pop. Just think how much more Brooklyn-ready your go-to LBD will be with this multicolored eye look.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fuchsia Lips at Grace Fall 2014

Grace featured hot, hot pink lips to offset the brand’s collection of LBDs. While fuchsia lips are not exactly the newest trend, we appreciate the intensity of this color paired with the model’s light blonde hair.

Image: britishvogue/Instagram

Elongated Smokey Eye at House of Holland Fall 2014

House of Holland’s collection for wayward rich girls was enhanced greatly by the unique take on the smoky eye. The dramatic lines of come-hither shadow stood out on the face due to nude lips and sharp cheekbones. A look for all the wannabe Audrey Hornes out there.

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Above the Brow Shadow at Thomas Tait Fall 2014

Just when you thought eyeshadow couldn’t get any more thrilling, MAC did this look for Thomas Tait, extending the color across the eyebrow line and onto the forehead. You don’t need a paintbrush to try out this beyond-cool twist on normal eyeshadow… though you might want to tone it down when you head out into the real world.

Bed Head Meets Club Makeup at Marques'Almeida Fall 2014

For the club girl recalling her glory days at The Limelight. This look says ‘I slept in last-night’s makeup but still woke up gorgeous.’ Blood red eyes and rumpled bed head will startle the Saturday morning brunch crowd into shock and awe.

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Luscious Curls and Wine-Stained Lips at Vivienne Westwood Fall 2014

Westwood may have been the first purveyor of punk, but this says ‘roughed-up Southern Belle’ rather than ‘Sid Vicious’. Can we achieve a complexion like that with a makeup brush? Maybe not, but we can smudge our lipstick and curl our hair.

Image: viviennewestwoodofficial/Instagram