Watch These Moms Do Their Daughters' Makeup— VIDEO

Most of us truly believe that "mothers know best." And for the past quarter century of my life, my mom has been correct on more than one occasion — especially about the slew of bad guys I dated in high school (cringe). Had I listened to her, I probably would had fewer heartbreaks, more confidence, and cried a lot fewer tears. Or, had I listened to her advice while I was fighting with my friends over some super-petty issues, I wouldn't have lost some good people in my life. BUT, even though my mom has given me so much wise advice, there's one thing I absolutely refuse to believe my mom knows best about: my makeup routine.

In celebration of Mother's Day, we invited five moms to our studio and gave them the chance to do whatever they wanted to their daughter's face. Because nothing says I love you more than your mom doing your makeup, amirite? One mom chose to do an entire look with pink and purple products, while another attempted (key word: attempted) a classic cat-eye. The finished looks aren't exactly what any of the daughters expected, but hey — it's a bonding experience they'll never forget.

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