Kylie Jenner Just Made Her Music Debut

If you thought Kim Kardashian's 2011 music video "Jam (Turn It Up)" marked the beginning and end of her famous family's foray into music, think again. On Wednesday, Burberry Perry released "Beautiful Day," a song featuring Kylie Jenner that marks her first attempt at a music career. However, the song isn't exactly a good gauge of whether Kylie has a shot at a musical career, because you can barely hear her when she's actually singing.

In addition to the youngest member of the Kardashian family, "Beautiful Day" features Lil Yachty, Justine Skye, and Jordyn Woods, and the problem is, you can't really separate Kylie's voice from the latter two. It's clear that she comes in during the bridge, which starts around 2:40, but she's singing along with the others, so it's all jumbled up. However, Kylie does get her time to shine, it just happens to be when she speaks instead of singing. You can hear her tell Woods on the track, "Come on Jordyn let's be serious stop this. We're gonna be serious about this. Jordy, Jordyn, Jordyn come on... I've never been in a song before. This is a f*cking..." Then, the combined singing picks up again. Listen to the full (NSFW) song below.

"Beautiful Day" may not land her on the Billboard charts, but this actually might have been the best possible way for Kylie to test a potential future in music. By singing alongside other people, there's way less pressure on her, and she still gets her time in the spotlight when she talks on the track. Hopefully, her singing career will last longer than Kim's did.