Janet Jackson's Newest Music Video Is Here

Is Janet Jackson full of news this week or what?! After postponing her tour last month in favor of mysteriously "planning her family," news broke on Wednesday that Jackson is reportedly pregnant with her first child. And although the singer has yet to confirm or deny the news herself, she's now making another important announcement that could also serve as a clue. In the wee hours of Thursday morning, Jackson dropped her music video for "Dammn Baby," which seems to be her latest single from her new album, Unbreakable. And don't worry — it's the same upbeat pop goodness that Jackson is famous for.

I'm no detective, but releasing a song called "Dammn Baby" just hours after word of her reported pregnancy got out seems like Jackson's way of acknowledging the news. OK, so I could be reading too much into it, since it's not like the video is at all baby themed — in fact, there are no actual babies anywhere to be found in this video. Instead, in the black and white vid, Jackson is dancing alongside several backup dancers. It's a very simple video, but it works because it gives you nothing else to focus on but the fact that Jackson is killing these moves, just like she's always done.

Please let me be able to dance that well when I'm 49. Or ever. 'Til then, I'll be waiting for Jackson's official confirmation on all things going on in her life — although I'd totally take another music video, too.