Woody Allen Was Heckled In a NY Theater

The back and forth banter between Dylan Farrow and her adoptive father Woody Allen seems to be at a momentary pause, but that didn't stop Woody Allen from being heckled at a New York theater because of allegations he sexually abused his daughter years ago. No formal charges have been sought against Allen, but public opinion will always have a voice in the discourse. Allen attended a Broadway matinee with wife Soon-Yi and their two daughters Bechet and Manzie on Saturday, but was accosted by someone yelling at Allen from the audience. A witness told Page Six:

A 60-something woman loudly exclaimed to her friend, ‘I think he did it!’ as Woody and his family scooted out. A protective Soon-Yi shot her a dirty look. Woody seemed unfazed.

The couple and their two kids arrived early at the show to avoid a crowd, but it appears their attempts weren't entirely successful. Unfortunately — and ironically — Allen's own Broadway play, Bullets Over Broadway (starring Zach Braff) is currently facing trouble after a decrease in ticket sales following Farrow's open letter to the New York Times .

After Farrow's initial letter, Allen penned his own, which was also printed as an Op-Ed in the Times, denying all of his daughters claims and blaming his long-time partner, Mia Farrow, for brainwashing their child. Immediately after the letter was published, Dylan Farrow issued a statement saying that she would "not be silenced." Now, it seems, the ball is in Allen's court.