Styling Mistakes Women of Any Size Should Avoid

I'd never dictate what someone should wear; hell, I'm all about breaking all the fashion no-nos people set for women. That said, British Plus-Size Fashion Weekend helped hammer down some great all-around style guidelines that'll help make any outfit more fashionable — and these tips don't detract from any woman's ability to express herself, no matter her individual sensibility or body type. Don't make these mistakes as you're styling yourself, okay?

Sheer Tights As Pants

The thing about sheer tights is that they are sheer, transparent pieces of fabric that serve no purpose other than complementing a pair of cute bottoms or a sexy dress. They do not protect you from the cold. They do not cover your underwear. And if you don't wear underwear, you should expect every part of your butt and lady parts to be visible. Sheer tights are meant for dresses, skirts, and shorts (if you're a fun dresser). They were not created as replacements for pants, leggings, or tights. I believe all women have the right to look and feel sexy, but wearing transparent non-tights as a replacement for pants will inevitably lead to all the world knowing what your hoo-ha looks like.

Big Boobs And No Support

If you don't want to wear a bra, I don't blame you. For the most part, bras are really uncomfortable boob cages that prevent you from feeling fully free. But they make most chests look a whole lot nicer. When you have a large chest, it is not only painful not to wear a bra because of the lack of support, it's also not flattering. I get wanting to be free. I get wanting to throw out all your bras in a hippy burst of rage against the man. But big boobs, especially, need big support.

Poorly Matched Nude Tights

Ever buy some foundation, and then get it home, try it, and you're horrified in the mirror at the splotchy, mismatched mess? I think the same applies for nude tights. It may take work to find the right pair, but wearing the wrong tone can leave you looking like a you have a fake tan or... worse. We'll just leave it there.

Baggy on Both Ends

Every woman has a body. Some of those bodies are angular and thin. Some of those bodies and voluptuous and curvy. But if you really believe there is beauty in every kind of form, then fashion should serve to show off that beauty. Women with beautiful bodies (aka everyone, thanks) should avoid wearing shapeless shirts on top of shapeless bottoms. Fair enough — you love flowy skirts. Fair enough still — you love the comfort of a baggier top. But don't mix the two to hide. Part of body confidence is showing pride in the body you have, not wearing something that, like a garbage bag, will cover every inch of your figure.