Kourt K's Mother's Day Post Is So Sweet

While those of us who don't have children typically dedicate our Mother's Day social media posts to our moms and the mother-like figures in our lives, it's a different story for those who do have kids. For these parents, the day takes on another meaning entirely, one that likely doesn't include a throwback picture from the mid-'90s with someone wearing a fanny pack and/or a multicolored windbreaker. Case in point: dedicated and devoted celebrity mom, Kourtney Kardashian, posted a photo for Mother's Day on Instagram of her three kids, and the adorable shot is one of the most personal and heartfelt pictures the reality star has ever shared — no fanny packs required.

The photo perfectly captures the essence of Kardashian's feelings about Mother's Day, as explained in her caption, even though it ironically doesn't include her in the image. The photo features just Penelope, Mason, and little Reign, who is sweetly being held by his protective big brother.

Kardashian captioned the cute candid shot, saying,

Feeling overwhelmed with love and blessings being able to be a mommy to these three angel babies. My favorite role in life so far is being a mommy and getting to see life through their eyes. Happy Mother's Day!

Check out the photo here:

In my humble opinion, this post takes the cake for the most genuine celebrity shout-out yet on this family-oriented holiday. There's no shade, drama, or attention-getting extravagance involved. The sweet photo proves that if there's one thing for certain, it's that Kourt adores her kids and Mother's Day just gives her another opportunity to express those feelings.