Jon Snow Is Goin' Adventurin' On 'GoT'

If only they had mics in Westeros, because a certain Lord Commander of the Night's Watch just dropped his in a major way. Where is Jon Snow going on Game of Thrones ? He walked out of Castle Black and is off on a mission — but for the moment, his next stop is TBD.

Fortunately, only the folks at Castle Black know that he was dead for a few days. Let's keep that a secret — especially considering how rude everyone was about Gregor Clegane, who is in a similar state. So, where is the determined Bastard of Winterfell headed?

One would hope that Jon is heading to Winterfell. That's where we want him to go, right? Kick out the Boltons and save Rickon before he becomes Reek-on, please! Maybe he can command what is left of Stannis Baratheon's army. Unfortunately, it looked like Sansa is arriving at the Wall just a moment too late in next week's episode — so that tells me that they didn't pass each other along the way. There aren't too many directions to choose from up there. Could he be going North to confront the White Walkers, or learn more about them? There's a world of possibilities now that he's renounced his Night's Watch oath.

Ugh, when are the Starks going to learn to just stick together?

Image: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO