10 Tear-Jerking Poems About Graduation

It's that time of the year again — when graduation caps fly more freely than birds, when those well-earned diplomas finally find a home, and when you hear inspiring graduation quotes and songs like Graduation by Vitamin C everywhere. Graduation is such an exciting time, whether you're the one wearing the cap and gown or a close friend or family member is making that big walk across the stage. It's a time to celebrate that hard work, those sleepless nights, and the fact that you'll never have to spend your money on huge textbooks again.

It's also an emotional time. One filled with tears, laughter, and a whole lot of nostalgia. I graduated a year ago, and those last few months flew by while I attempted to soak up every experience my school offered. Cherish the nights spent with close friends, the teachers that gave you everything that you needed and more to succeed, and that overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. You deserve it.

So if you're a new graduate, or will be in just a few short days, take the time and soak it all in. And even if you aren't, this time of year is a great reflect back or look forward to that big day. Read up on some of these poems surrounding the theme of graduation that'll probably make you, or that special graduate in your life cry a lot, but in a good way.

1. Always Be A Student by Joanna Fuchs

2. It Couldn't Be Done by Edgar Albert Guest

3. Dreams by Langston Hughes

4. Post-Graduate by Dorothy Parker

5. You've Done Your Job by Karl Fuchs

6. An Instructor's Dream by Bill Knott

7. Be The Best Whatever You Are by Douglas Malloch

8. If by Rudyard Kipling

9. Opportunity by Berton Braley

10. The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

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