Twitter Users Discuss What Made The '80s Great

I was only seven when the mighty decade of Aqua Net, power suits, and Alf came to a close — but you wouldn't know it from my wardrobe or record collection. As a child of the '80s who never quite got over the decade of decadence (and never quite got into grunge, Seinfeld, Crystal Pepsi or anything the '90s had to offer, really), I was pretty stoked to see #WhatMadeThe80sGreat trending on Twitter.

Granted, a childhood perception of an entire 10 years based on things like Jem (love you, Synergy!), Popples, and neon Body Glove spandex means that pretty much nothing can compare. As an adult looking back at the political and social unrest of the era, however, I can see that it was no picnic, what with the Cold War, Iran-Contra, the rise of the Evangelical right, and the divisive nature of the so-called "Feminist Porn Wars," etc. Still, the '80s will be a favorite for people to re-live for years to come, if only for the groundbreaking fashion and music it had to offer.

Here's what Twitter users had to say about the entertainment, toys, technology and ideology of this most excellent decade.

Images: Paramount Pictures; Twitter