Adult Women Take A Middle School Sex Ed Quiz — VIDEO

It's no secret that sex ed in America isn't doing so hot. Despite all the studies proving sexual education decreases rates of teen pregnancy and STI transmission, too many students are stuck with abstinence-only courses. Given this sad state of affairs, it makes sense that the grown women taking a middle school sex ed quiz in BuzzFeed's latest video don't exactly ace the questions.

I'm not trying to throw shade here, because all I remember from middle school sex ed was the teacher asking everyone to write slang terms for genitalia on the blackboard to reduce stigma and get the giggles out of the way. The usual phrases popped up until one girl wrote "ice cream cone" and got kicked out of the room. Good work, Jessie.

Anyways, that's beside the point, because it's no joke how often kids are left alone to discover the ins and outs of sex — and especially queer sex. Without sex ed, where would you learn cool tongue-twisting words like "epididymis" or "gonadotropin"? And without sex ed, where would you have a space to learn facts about birth control and consent as well as the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation?

Watch as these women try to pass sex ed, decades later:

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