Justin Bieber Goes To Space, Unfortunately Only For a Few Hours

Justin Bieber is going to space, and there are so many jokes I could make about it that I almost have nothing to say. But here are the bare facts: According to Richard Branson, Bieb is going to pay what most of us would pay for a nice apartment in order to send himself and his agent into space, and they're not even going to do us the favor of staying there very long.

They'll do a little jaunt around our planet from Richard Branson's spaceport in New Mexico, and then land two-and-a-half hours later, meaning that for a short period of time, there's going to be one less lonely universe. Personally, however, I'm hoping Bieber gets caught in intergalactic customs without vaccinations and is put on an alien wildlife reserve, because everyone on planet Earth conveniently forgets to retrieve him.

Image: Getty Images