David Attenborough Narrating Curling Is An Olympics & ‘Planet Earth’ Hybrid — VIDEO

Planet Earth is one of the best things ever and curling is one of the most ridiculous Olympic sports ever. Combine them and you get something truly amazing. David Attenborough narrated curling nature documentary-style and it is truly a must watch video. Now I know what you're thinking and, yes, he really narrated a clip of women curling. This is not a Planet Earth sound bite edited over a curling event nor is it a David Attenborough impression. This is the real deal. BBC 1 Radio's Greg James convinced Attenborough, who has narrated nature films for decades, to do this and you will be very glad he did.

If you haven't seen Planet Earth, it is a series of nature documentaries that are absolutely gorgeous, but can be funny in how serious they are. The films are also extremely calming, so if you ever have trouble sleeping, just pop in a "Desert" or "Rain Forest" DVD and it should do the trick. If you haven't seen curling, it's basically shuffleboard on ice.

This video takes Planet Earth's mysterious music and Attenborough's deep voice and combines them with women sliding stones and furiously sweeping the ice with their... um... Swiffers? The technical terms don't matter here because curling has been turned into an animalistic ritual complete with an alpha female, a frozen river, and "nature at its most vulnerable." It is the best. Attenborough should announce Olympic curling. All of it can be about nature and completely made up. It's not like anyone actually knows what's going on anyway.