Lena Dunham Isn't A Hannah Horvath

Firstly, let's all breathe a deep sigh of relief because as it turns out, celebrities are every bit as addicted to those personality quizzes as we are. Lena Dunham took Buzzfeed's "Which Girls Character Are You" Quiz, and she's... a Marnie. But what exactly does that mean? In an erstwhile investigation, I took the quiz over and over again with different answers, and discovered that the description of Marnie is this: "You’re not aware of too many things. You know what you know, if you know what I mean."

And hey, that description seems a lot more fitted to Dunham as she actually is versus Hannah's description within the same quiz: "At your best, you’re ambitious and determined. At your worst, you’re a wee bit self-absorbed and tone-deaf towards others’ feelings. Thankfully, you’ve grown enough as a person that you’d never eat a cupcake in a bathtub anymore. (But you’d still hook up with that super sexy doctor.)"

Despite what everyone assumes, Lena Dunham is not a Hannah, especially within the limitations of this quiz. She is constantly ambitious, as one must be to have written for HBO and The New Yorker by 27, and despite issues people have with the lack of empathy any of the characters seem to possess, there is an element of self awareness in Dunham's writing, so she is not, as it seems, tone deaf to other's feelings.

Plus, she does know what she knows, as the topic of Girls is very much in keeping with her own experiences, which is both its saving grace and its constant irritant. She knows being an artist and a well provided-for twenty something, and voila, her show is about being an artist and a well-provided for twenty something, even if the show itself is not autobiographical.

So, there ya go guys, anyone can be any of the characters on Girls if Lena Dunham is a Marnie, so take a deep breath and find out who you are. Just try not to cry if you turn out to be Shoshi.