Look, It's Donald Trump Doing Yoga

Ever wish you could see Bernie Sanders doing tai chi or Donald Trump peeing in the street? Thanks to filmmaker Joel Strong, you can.

Heads of State, Strong's short film that takes a satirical look into the lives of the presidential candidates, is a hilarious stop-motion video that features Sanders, Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Cruz's heads on other people's bodies, just living life in New York City. Strong cut out more than 80 different pictures of the presidential contenders to create the film, which utilizes force perspective to make the heads appear on the actors' bodies. The effect is a brief glimpse into what they all might be doing if they lived in NYC and had a little more free time.

Heads of State isn't Strong's first endeavor into the filmmaking business — he's been perfecting his style using celebrities and film and television characters for a while now. The whole idea started three years ago when Strong found out about his girlfriend's lingering crush on Leonardo DiCaprio, so he decided to cut out pictures of Leo and take photos of him wandering around New York. The social media brand MyDayWithLeo (you can follow Strong on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat) was born, and Strong has now done pictures and videos for everyone from Beyoncé to Stephen Colbert. But because of its timeliness and ingenuity, Heads of State really takes the cake for Strong's best work.

Check out the director's commentary Strong did for Wired, and follow him on social media for more updates on what the candidates are up to in NYC.


He's not a presidential candidate, but the opportunity was just too good to pass up.