"Expecto Patronum" Helps With More Than Dementors

Everyone's favorite author can now add "tattoo artist" to her never-ending list of talents: J.K. Rowling handwrote a fan's "Expecto Patronum" tattoo after receiving a letter asking for help to stop self-harming. The fan, named Kate, reached out through Twitter to send J.K. Rowling a heart-felt note about her struggle with self-harm and attempted suicide after surviving sexual assault and bullying. Kate said that J.K. had "helped her get through every single thing one way or another" — and she had an idea for how J.K could help her even more.

Kate's idea was to get an "Expecto Patronum" tattoo on the wrist where she usually self-harms, which is such a perfect idea, considering it's the spell Harry uses to protect him from the Dementors that symbolize depression. But to make it even more special, Kate wanted the tattoo in J.K. Rowling's handwriting.

Of course, J.K. Rowling being the wonderful person that she is, she obliged. The author, who has spoken about her own journey with depression in the past, sent Kate the handwritten spell, along with this sweet and supportive message: "I love that you're working to heal and protect yourself. You deserve this. I hope it helps."

I love the idea of this tattoo working as Kate's own Patronus Charm, and I hope that other people struggling with similar mental health issues might be able to use the handwritten spell to help them as well. Perhaps magic isn't just for books, after all!

Image: Movieclips/YouTube