This Collar Lets You Glimpse Into Your Dog's Brain

Have you ever wondered what's going on in your dog's brain? Every pet owner probably has at some point or another — especially when you catch your dog idly staring into space or barking at a random object. But now, it might actually be possible to know what your pooch is thinking, all thanks to a new Inupathy dog collar from Japan.

The newly invented collar, called Inupathy (partly derived from the word “inu” in Japanese, meaning “dog”), can supposedly measure a dog’s emotions. Described as the world’s first “mental visualizer” for canines, the collar measures your pup's pulse and then analyzes its heart rate using specific algorithms. Once the analysis is complete, the collar lights up in different colors to illustrate how your dog is feeling. Kind of like a mood ring, but for your pet.

So what colors match with what emotion? As the video below highlights, the collar turns red if the dog is excited; blue, if relaxed; white, if concentrating; and lastly, rainbow, if the dog is happy (obviously).

The collar also syncs with your smartphone, so you can keep track of your dog's mood. You can even activate a "play" mode that suggests a game or activity (like fetch or treasure hunt) tailored to your pooch's current emotion. Cute, right? After all, who doesn't want to ensure their dog is feeling happy?

The Inupathy is still in development, but you can learn more about how it works here. In the meantime, make sure your pooch is getting plenty of walks and belly rubs. It'll go a long way towards making your dog feeling happy as a rainbow.

Image: YouTube