'Not Safe for Work' Is Actually Very Safe for Work

What's your ultimate office nightmare? Someone throwing out the leftovers of your falafel platter away? In Joe Johnston's new thriller, Not Safe for Work (nothing to do with porn), he takes the office nightmare to the next level. It's a psychological thriller starring Max Minghella (The Social Network) as a paralegal at a high-powered law firm who gets trapped in the building overnight with a cold-blooded killer (J.J. Field) who wants an ambiguous "witness list." The premise was promising and so was the creative team—Johnston recently did the incredible Captain America: The First Avenger and less recently Jurassic Park III and Jumanji, and Not Safe for Work was produced by Jason Blum who gave us the terrifying Paranormal Activity franchise and Insidious.

But the trailer is a snooze, and all the characters look boring, even the killer, who seems like a cross between Patrick Bateman and Crispin Glover in Willard, seems bored with the idea of having to kill all these uncompelling lawyers. Not Safe for Work is a low-budget venture and not in a raw, cool way, but in a "can't turn my brightness up on my computer anymore to watch this trailer" way. Seems like the studio threw in the towel early because they are sending the movie straight to home video on April 15. Maybe it would have been a more exciting movie if it was about accidentally sending dirty Snapchats to your coworkers.

Here's the trailer:

Image: Blumhouse