Rob Kardashian Wants To Marry Blac Chyna ASAP, If His Social Media Posts Are Any Indication

You know who most definitely does not have cold feet? Rob Kardashian, that's who. Like, at this point, I'm pretty sure the dude would star on his own episode of Say Yes To The Dress if he could. He's got it bad. Case in point, if you've checked out his Instagram lately, you know that Rob Kardashian wants to marry Blac Chyna ASAP. Actually, if his captions are any sort of indication, he already kind of thinks that he is married.

I mean, I get it. Blac Chyna is pregnant with the newest Kardashian-to-be and the reality star probably just wants to make things official once and for all. You know, really solidify that familial union by having everyone share the same last name. Who knew that he'd end up being so traditional? Certainly not I, but I have to say, it's quite sweet to witness his new family man way of life. And in addition to that, be so vocal about his personal affairs after shying away from the public eye for such a long time. He seems to be truly happy.

Here are the Kardashian Instagram posts that prove he wants Chyna to be a Kardashian sooner rather than later.

His Instagram Of His "Babies"

Greg Doherty/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Monday, Kardashian posted an Instagram showing what appears to be a paparazzi pic of Chyna and captioned it, "My beautiful babies in Miami" with both a bride emoji and a baby emoji.

He Straight Up Called Her His Wife

There's no mistaking that caption.

He's Also Referred To Her As The More Affectionate, "Wifey"

You know, making the Instagram ad extra personal.

When He Included Her As A Part Of His Family

This was kind of a big deal.

When He Used The Bride Emoji As The Caption For The Pregnant Blac Chyna "Chymoji"

You know what they say, an emoji is worth a thousand words.

Just walk down the aisle already, you crazy kids.