Cringeworthy Megyn Kelly & Donald Trump Memes

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump have become the will-they-won't-they couple of the entire presidential election — but not in the cute, iconic way that Rachel and Ross were. The feud that publicly started at the first Republican presidential debate back in August has persisted longer than many of the candidates' campaigns. Finally, things swung to the "will they" side when the duo met for a primetime interview, which aired on Tuesday — and the memes and tweets about Kelly and Trump attempted to tell the entire story.

First, a recap: Kelly moderated the first Republican debate, with Trump at the center podium. Right off the bat, Kelly asked Trump a blunt, tough question, requiring him to respond to the offensive comments he has made about women. To say Trump didn't like the question is an understatement. The question launched an unforgettable Twitter rant, by both Trump and his millions of followers, in which Kelly was called a bimbo — and much, much worse. Trump then boycotted the next Fox News debate, which Kelly also moderated. Suffice it to say that Trump and Kelly have perhaps the most awkward relationship in politics. In a sense, it's the stuff that the best memes and jokes are made of— and Tuesday's interview gave the Twittersphere a renewed enthusiasm for the drama.

Tuesday's interview gave both Trump and Kelly a chance to have their say about the saga that has drawn on and on. Trump explained his tweeting behaviors, while Kelly pressed him on his bully-like tactics. Ultimately, the drama seemed to have ended — or, at least, paused — after Tuesday's interview, but the real test could be in the tweets that come out of it.