Surprise! Urban Outfitters Is Selling Your Personal Information

I thought I could trust you, Urban Outfitters. I thought we had something special.

Know when you check out at Urban Outfitters (or Anthropologie, or Free People, both of which are owned by UO), and they ask you for your ZIP code, and you just rattle it off because, yeah, that's probably information they need in order for you to purchase a $60 cotton dress? Well, they actually don't, and now they're facing a class action lawsuit for giving that impression. BuzzFeed reports that law firm Perry Charnoff PLLC has filed a lawsuit claiming that Urban Outfitters leads customers to believe their ZIP codes are retired in order to "secretly obtain customers' home/business addresses' and then sells that information to other parties.

In case you don't feel betrayed enough already, apparently Urban isn't the only retailer to be accused of ZIP code collection. In California, more than 50 class action lawsuits have been filed against retailers for doing this. In March, the Massachusetts supreme court ruled that stores cannot require people provide their ZIP code after a lawsuit against Michael's. Michael's. The craft store. Is nothing sacred?

I probably shouldn't be so surprised that a huge corporation that has proved time and time again to be sort of corrupt is doing a sketchy thing. I won't stop shopping at Urban (or Micahel's; a girl's gotta have her lanyard, amirite?), but I certainly won't be giving them my ZIP code.