This 'Galaxy' Promo Is Adorable

This week as been a big one for Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy. We were treated to a teaser, then the full trailer (featuring a very shirtless and a very ripped Chris Pratt), then we got a fantastic mashup of Galaxy with Parks and Rec , but there's more. In case you didn't know, Bradley Cooper voices Guardians Of the Galaxy 's Rocket Raccoon, and we now have little a glimpse into what went behind the bizarre role.

The YouTube description for this video — the second promo in Guardians of the Galaxy 's first big promotional push — describes Rocket as a "tiny titan," which sounds adorable and badass. And according to Cooper, who lends both his voice and his thoughts to Rocket during the promo, dude's got some anger issues in there, as well. And hey, wouldn't you if you were constantly being underestimated due to the fact that you're, you know, a raccoon?

By the way, you can probably expect a whole slew of tiny little promos (though not always for tiny little creatures) coming your way from the Guardians Of the Galaxy team. I, for one, cannot wait until we get the one focusing on Zoe Saldana's Gamora, because girl does not look like a woman you want to mess with.

Image: Marvel