Here's Trump's EgyptAir Response

In the wake of EgyptAir Flight MS804 disappearing early Thursday morning, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump wasted no time spinning it into a platform talking point. In a tweet Thursday morning, Trump already appeared to make his own conclusion that an act of terrorism caused the plane's disappearance, saying "Looks like yet another terrorist attack." He then called for us to "get tough, smart and vigilant" in the face of “great hate and sickness.”

It might be some time before we know anything for sure, but it does look like it's a possibility at this point that Flight MS804 may have been subjected to terrorism. Egypt’s civil aviation minister has already declared that there's a "stronger" possibility that terrorism is the explanation than technical failure. It’s been approximately six months since ISIS claimed responsibility for downing a Russian plane departing from Egypt.

The Airbus A320 had 66 people on board, including crew and security personnel. In addition to 30 Egyptians, 15 French nationals and a British citizen were on board. It’s still unclear whether a distress signal picked up in the vicinity of the crash came from the missing plane or from a different vessel entirely. Egyptian search and rescue teams reported hearing it, while the Egyptian military said they never received it.

“When we have the truth we will draw our conclusions; whether this was an accident or something else, perhaps terrorist,” said President Francois Hollande of France at a press conference. “We will have the truth.”

However, Trump (unsurprisingly) declined to be as conservative in his assessment of EgyptAir flight MS804's disappearance.