MObama On 'Tonight Show:' Hit Or Miss?

Jimmy Fallon has been on a roll since he started hosting The Tonight Show on Monday and that's actually kind of worrisome. If he uses up everything in the first week — impressive guests, hilarious skits —what will the second week bring? On the first episode 15 celebrities came out in a parade. It was awesome, but those people probably won't be back for a while. This is why in a weird way it's comforting that there was a hiccup with Jimmy Fallon's sketch with Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell. There need to be some hits with the misses to give confidence that all the good stuff won't be over after one week and that the standard isn't set too high. Or maybe I was the only one who didn't like this skit.

In the sketch titled "Ew!" Fallon plays a tween hosting a talk show. It's a bit that had been done several times on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. On Thursday night's "Ew!," Fallon was joined by Will Ferrell dressed as another tween girl and Michelle Obama as herself. The sketch is basically the two girls saying "ew!" a lot and talking about their obsession with Harry Styles. When Obama drops by, they ask her if she's been watching the Olympics and play a "speed round" game where they declare all of the things they think are "ew!" Everyone agrees that potato chips are "ew!" and Obama offers kale chips as an alternative 'cause that's how she rolls.

"Ew!" was obviously thought to be sucessful on Late Night, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will work well on The Tonight Show. It could help to keep fans of Late Night around or it could back fire because Tonight Show viewers won't be familiar with the running joke. (Or because it's just not that funny and not even Will Ferrell and Michelle Obama could save it...)

What do you think of "Ew!" — funny and cute or a bad SNL sketch?