When Will Britney Drop Her New Song?

A few weeks ago, Las Vegas Sun entertainment news guru Robin Leach shared a most thrilling scoop with his readers: The reigning ruler of Planet Hollywood planned to premiere track “Make Me (Oooh)” at the Billboard Music Awards. When I read this scoop, my heart cried tears of joy. Finally! The followup to 2015's "Pretty Girls" we've been waiting for! Alas, the happy sobs came a screeching halt this week when I read a certain new, not thrilling scoop: On Tuesday, The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous icon revealed that my queen Britney Spears will not debut her new song at the BBMAs this Sunday after all. According to Leach, the release date of the highly anticipated tune its music video has been pushed back due to “technical production difficulties outside Brit and her management’s control.” Bummer.

Here is what Leach’s source said:

There’s no point in Britney previewing it so far in advance if we don’t even have a new release date yet … She is like us truly saddened that matters outside our hands have set back the hoped-for schedule … We’re told that it’ll now be later in the summer, but we don’t even know exactly when yet until production hiccups are resolved.

Later in the summer?!?! But when??? Augh. The wait for "Make Me (Oooh)" is killing me.

Even though “Make Me (Oooh)” won’t make it (toooh) the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (Oops!… I really tried to make that joke happen, huh?), it is sure to be a very Britney evening: The "Piece of Me" singer is still set to kick off the show with a medley of her hits and she will receive the Millennium Award. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Bring on the Britboard Music Awards.

Images: whatshouldbetchescallme, ba1n3s/tumblr