Rihanna’s Birthday Party Pics Are Trying Too Hard (Except for That Duncan Hines-Lookin' Cake)

Source: Angela Weiss/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rihanna celebrated her 26th birthday on Thursday which is shocking because she has released seven records, is an international superstar, and her debut single came out in 2005. Shouldn't she be like forty by now?! But no, she's only 26 and she celebrated her Feb. 20 birthday by apparently having a private photo shoot. Rihanna posted pictures of her birthday festivities to Instagram and she appears to be all alone, except for her chef, at a cabin in the mountains. She had to have friends with her, or at least one friend who took the photos, but these pictures really look less like a birthday party and way more like a magazine editorial. 

Click through for Rihanna's Vogue-worthy birthday pics.


First Rihanna posted a picture of a sad, limp balloon. Or is it floating..? What perspective is this taken from? Whatever. It sets the artistic scene.

Image: Rihanna/Instagram


Next up we have Rihanna happy about her chocolate birthday cake. I recognize that washed out lighting. Was Terry Richardson behind this? Rihanna captioned this one, “Midnight surprise #cabinlife #feb20.”

Image: Rihanna/Instagram


As you can see, this cake was apparently made by Rihanna’s private chef. This is suspicious because that cake looks a little… How do I put this? As though a child made it from a box mix. But Rihanna says, ”@chefdebbiesolomon she’s the greatest!!! #birthdayish”

Image: Rihanna/Instagram

Cookie Cake

She also got a cookie cake. ”Bigge$t cookie EVER!” This is where my jealousy kicked in.

Image: Rihanna/Instagram


Why write “She’s 26” when you can write “She x 26” like some cool fashion designer collaboration? Ps. Champagne + cookie cake = more jealousy.

Image: Rihanna/Instagram


Don’t we all want to be somewhere where a bikini and giant ski goggles make for an appropriate outfit?

Image: Rihanna/Instagram


Oh, and a giant coat too. Duh.

Image: Rihanna/Instagram

Hot Tub

In the words of the brilliant Liz Lemon, “I want to go to there.” Check out that view!

Image: Rihanna/Instagram

Cigarette? Giant Glove?

Yep, that seems about right.

Image: Rihanna/Instagram

The End

See, no other guests appear to be at this party. Where are they? She looks to be having a good time though. And why shouldn’t she? Her life looks like a photo shoot.

Image: Rihanna/Instagram