Beyoncé Has A "***Flawless" New Setlist

Thursday night, the reigning Queen of Pop kicked off the European leg of The Mrs. Carter Tour in Glasgow. Lives were changed. Well, duh. Anyone who goes to a Beyoncé concert can and should anticipate a life-changing experience (er, so I’m told. I’ve yet to come face-to-face with the glory that is Beyoncé live and in concert. One day, one day…). And lives were especially changed Thursday night. Why? Because Beyoncé’s setlist was markably different. The Mrs. Carter Tour had been overhauled to incorporate BEYONCÉ into the show. Yaaaaaaay, Mrs. Carter! I must get myself to Europe, STAT.

Yes, the setlist is a skosh more "Yoncé," but at what cost? Welllll, The Mrs. Carter Tour lost beautiful and perfect songs like “Run The World (Girls),” “End Of Time,” and “Party.” Womp womp.

So if those jams are gone, what does the 2014 Mrs. Carter Tour setlist look like? Uh, why are you asking me? I wasn't there. You can't expect me to know. SHEESH.

I'm kidding, my friend! I've got the new lineup right here (thanks to the magical resource that is beyonce-legion.com). Here ya go:

1. "Ghost (Intro)"2. "Haunted"3. "Drunk in love"4. "If I Were A Boy"5. "***Flawless"6. "Yoncé"7. "Get me Bodied"8. "Baby Boy"9. "Naughty Girl"10. "Blow"11. "Partition"12. "Why Don’t You Love Me"13. "1+1"14. "Irreplaceable"15. "Love On Top"16. "Crazy In Love"17. "Single Ladies"18. "XO"19. "Halo"20. "Heaven"

Hit after hit after hit. 20 hits in a row. UGH, SO LIFE-CHANGING.

Here are a few vids from the night (thanks, the Internet!):

Oh, don't mind me. I'm just passing out one million times while I watch Bey dancers dance to "Ghost." And I'm passing out an additional million times while I watch Bey perform "Haunted."

Oh my god.


We are not worthy.


I can't breathe.

I guess this means I'm canceling whatever I had planned for this evening. I have Bey concert vids to watch. I will watch them until I pass out on my keyboard.