Which Updo Should You Try Right Now? Take This Quiz And Find Out

Summer is fast approaching and that means beach trips, sundresses, and soaring temperatures. It also means it's time to embrace the updo. Usually, I'd say to pick a style that suits the shape of your face, or a 'do that coordinates with your outfit. But, for the sake of trying something new and different –– why not attempt a hairstyle that best matches your personality?

Perhaps you should be rocking cooler-than-cool double-dutch braids this summer. After all, you're always the first to rock the newest trends within your group of friends. Or maybe your go-to hairstyle is a wispy topknot, which is simple but stylish. Your laid-back and practical personality allows this slightly messy bun to seamlessly transition from work to nighttime. Or maybe your type-A personality calls for a tight, super-sleek ponytail that leaves no hair out of place. Hey, when you have a perfectly devised plan for everything, wearing your hair slicked back seems like the obvious go-to.

And if you're not sure if you're a type-A or type-B kinda of person –– we're here to help!

In collaboration with Schwarzkopf, we devised a fun quiz that'll determine which updo best compliments all of your unique quirks and habits.

Click here to find out which hairstyle is best for you!

This post is sponsored by Schwarzkopf.