'Dancing with the Stars' Has a New Host

Ever since sports channels decided to raise ratings by using traditionally attractive women to interview players, there have been sportscasters like Erin Andrews. Although these women work very hard, and genuinely love the sports they cover, they are relinquished to the on-the-field coverage, flustering 19-year-old quarterbacks with their questions and modelesque good looks. Although Erin has been a staple of football and baseball coverage for almost 10 years, it seems like she's moving on to something new: Erin Andrews will host Dancing with the Stars . It has been announced that Erin will be replacing Brooke Burke-Charvet as one of the series' regular judges.

Even though Richard Sherman may miss Erin and her mic-sharing postgame interviews, we think that this new gig might be great for her. There has been no word that she's leaving sports, but we're sure she'll appreciate a secondary gig where she gets to sit behind the desk with the rest of the commentators, and where she won't be the frequent target of awful sexual harassment. While this seems like a fun new venture for Erin, it is puzzling that DWTS picked her in the first place. As far as we know, Erin's dance knowledge stems entirely from her stint on the University of Florida Gators Dazzlers dance team, which probably didn't teach her the foxtrot. We'll see if she can fill Brooke Burke-Charvet's sensible dancing heels, and we'll see if she can make the switch from large men in tights to slightly smaller men, probably still in tights.