Morgan Really Needs A Job On '#RichKids'

It looks like the #RichKids on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills are trying to grow up. Last week, Morgan couldn't stop talking about having kids ASAP and, on Sunday night, Dorothy finally decided that it was time to get a job. Dorothy Wang is going to sell high-end real estate with Morgan's shockingly normal boyfriend Brendan — no, we're not kidding. So now Morgan's lost Roxy to "being poor" AND Dorothy to being Beverly Hills' newest real estate mogul — what's a girl to do when she's got no one to go to spin class with?

This week's episode began with Morgan and Dorothy taking selfies by the pool — as per usual. But just when we thought we'd be in for another episode of these two goofing off and spending chunks of cash, Dorothy surprised us by announcing that she's getting a job. Yay, Dorothy! You're almost not the worst anymore. (Almost.) She decided to join Brendan at Agency, a high-end real estate firm, and she's surprisingly really good at selling houses to wealthy Chinese women. (Don't worry, Brendan was surprised as you probably are.) Even though her decision to put swans in the pool was questionable.

Now that Morgan doesn't have Dorothy to wile her days away with, she turned to Roxy for companionship. Unfortunately for her, Roxy also is busy being an interior designer — getting cut off really pushed her to get her career going. Roxy couldn't meet her for lunch, so she invited her to furniture shop for a client instead. At least Morgan got to spend her afternoon calling all of her friend's design choices terrible. She also gets kind of pissed that no one is free to take a "girls weekend" with her — sorry your friends aren't sorry for having jobs.

Brendan and Morgan's mom try to convince her to start updating her personal blog, boobsandloubs.com, again (yes, that's what it's actually called), but she's kind of "eh" about it. Someone needs to find that girl a job or a hobby before she goes nuts. But she can't be too busy to give us gems like some of this episode's great quotes:

Morgan (about her friends being busy):

I feel like Teen Mom at home and I can't go to the prom.

Roxy (after Googling Liberace):

Liberace's like my secret soul sister — he's amazing.

Morgan (in response to her mom asked if she has napkins):

I'm not Anna Nicole Smith, I'm not going to make you eat with your feet.

Jonny (while getting a massage at Dorothy's open house):

I'm sorry if my shirt rises — I'm not wearing underwear and my crack is showing.

Dorothy (after her successful open house):

I'm the definition of funemployed.