Seth Meyers Might Flee The Scene Tonight

After Jimmy Fallon's success transitioning to The Tonight Show last week, it's now time for Fallon's replacement to start his new job. Seth Meyers begins hosting Late Night Monday night and it sounds like he's pretty nervous about it. In an interview with the Today show, Meyers told Savannah Guthrie that he expects to "go into a full white hot panic" the first time he hears his name announced as the show's host. "We'll probably have security guards behind me to make sure I can't make tracks quickly out the other direction."

Meyers doesn't know exactly what type of talk show host he'll be — Guthrie offers up "ironic" or "joyous" — but sounds more confident than nervous about figuring that part out. "I think that's one of those things that you don't quite overthink — your own persona. Like, you just make the decisions you would make based on your own taste and that probably leads to the kind of show it'll be." Late Night Seth Meyers will probably be pretty similar to "Weekend Update" Seth Meyers since he's basically been playing himself. Guthrie tells him she read an article that said, "It turns out the most popular Seth Meyers character is Seth Meyers." Meyers responds, "I think that's very accurate. I have very little range. That's a very kind way of saying I have no range." Range isn't necessary for Late Night though and Meyers has proven his hosting abilities from his eight years of "Weekend Update."

If Meyers is still worried about leaving SNL , his old buddies are in a nearby studio. Meyers jokes that he might have some trouble moving on. "I think if I wasn't married I'd be there all the time. I would be like the guy who graduated high school and is still sticking around… just like drinking a six pack out of a bag."

As for what you can look forward to for Late Night 's first episode, his inaugural guests are Amy Poehler, Joe Biden, and musical guest A Great Big World. Poehler's character on Parks and Recreation has a bit of an obsession with the Vice President so maybe that will come into play, but don't expect to see "Really?! With Seth and Amy." Meyers told Guthrie, that while that skit in particular might not be recreated, "You'll see at least that sentiment."