At 2014 Costume Designers Guild Awards, 'Hunger Games' and 'Blue Jasmine' Win Big

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Movie-costuming is a fine art: you want to enhance, but not distract from, the actual story. It's easy to spot bad or anachronistic costumes, but the best costumes always play second fiddle to plot and dialogue — melting, just slightly, into the background — except for scenes when the costume is entirely the point, like when Katniss Everdeen wears a dress that literally bursts into flames.

Saturday, February 22, marked the 16th annual Costume Designers Guild Awards, where the costuming industry honored the dedication to detail that separates a good costume designer from a great one. Whether gathering samples of dirt to get the perfect earth tone, or bedazzling Matt Damon's Speedo to get the perfect Matt-Damon-in-a-Speedo shot, these magicians know their cloth.

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