Bieber Responds To Haters Through Song

Justin Bieber news alert: He has a new song! Are you surprised? Did you think it was going to be that he peed on something else? Egged something else? Got arrested again? Nope, this time Bieber is just doing his job and releasing music. Justin Bieber's newest song is called "Broken" and it's exactly what you expect. The world is trying to put Bieber down, but he cannot be broken! He's following in the grand tradition of Lindsay Lohan's "Rumors" here and it's a little worrisome.

The song starts with Bieber saying, "I guess they want a reaction/ And I ain't gonna give it to 'em," which is ironic because this song is literally a three-minute long reaction to the haters (the media and random people on Twitter, I'm assuming). Bieber goes on to sing, "They been persistent tryna break me down/ I cannot be broken." I can't disagree with Bieber one hundred percent, I mean, people have suggested his residence be chosen through an Olympic hockey game, but more than anything he's been doing things to break himself down. He has purposely done a number of things — egged his neighbor's house, drag raced under the influence, allegedly assaulted someone — that get people in trouble. Why, Bieber? Why? Why try to break yourself and then blame a vague group of people through song?

Bieber also says, "They can't take what's mine," by which I really hope he means his right to live in America. Bieber is joined on the song by rapper Blake Kelly whose lyrics echo what Bieber sings and include the line, "How you expect me not to go crazy?" I don't know, maybe because not everyone goes crazy and being famous isn't an excuse. Kelly could just be talking about himself and not Bieber, so I'll stop making assumptions.

As far as the actually music here, it kind of sounds like a Tupac beat (there's a 90s hip hop feel) but altered to the point that it grates against your ears. Bieber's singing sounds exactly like his singing always does.

With that surely encouraging you to listen, here's "Broken" so you can count Bieber's ironic statements for yourself.