'Pitch Perfect 3's' Release Date Has Been Pushed Back, But Don't Worry, It's With Good Reason

Listen up, Pitch Perfect fans! Just weeks after Universal announced that they had moved the release date of Pitch Perfect 3 up from August 4 to July 21, 2017, the production company has made another change to the upcoming film's schedule. On Tuesday, Universal announced that the release date of Pitch Perfect 3 would be five months after they first promised it: Now, the film will be released on December 22, 2017. Just in time, as the studio noted, to have a “Merry Pitchmas.” That pun is all well and good, but waiting long for more aca-awesomeness also isn't ideal — I'll wait as long as it takes, of course, but I want more and I want it always! But don’t get too down on Universal for making the change. When you hear the other titles the film was up against, it kind of makes sense.

Not to mention, taking advantage of that prime holiday movie real estate is kind of a smart move for Universal. With such a hotly anticipated movie, it makes sense to move the release date to a time when people are most likely to be making their way to the movie theaters.

So, why the move? The change could be, simply, related to the fact that they moved another anticipated film, Girl’s Trip, into Pitch Perfect 3’s previous premiere date. Having two of their top movies going head-to-head for the same audience might not bode so well for them, so it makes sense that they would switch it up and make room for both titles to get a good showing.


Plus, though a mid-summer release would work for Pitch Perfect 3, it might not be ideal. After all, its predecessors were released pre-summer ( Pitch Perfect 2 was released on May 15, 2015) and pre-fall ( Pitch Perfect was released September 28, 2012) — and I'm betting the Christmas season is pretty ideal.

So as upset as I might be that I have to wait, I think the move was definitely a smart one.

Image: NBCUniversal; Giphy