Oprah's "First Selfie," Yeah, Sure...

Oprah Winfrey is a very smart businesswoman, a great actress, and a fantastic talk show host, but even with her intelligence, I think she might be confused about selfies. Oprah Winfrey posted her "first selfie" to Twitter on Saturday while at the NAACP Image Awards and I'm not sure it counts. Selfies are self-portraits usually taken with a camera phone and commonly posted to social media. Oprah's selfie fits that description, but I just find it hard to believe that this is her first. Oprah's Instagram is flooded with images of herself, could it be possible that not one of these was taken on her own?

After some intensive research (I scrolled through Oprah's Instagram for a couple minutes), it looks like Oprah truly doesn't take her pictures herself. I don't see Oprah's arm reaching awkwardly out from her body nor any pictures of Oprah stuggling to remain in the frame. Who's taking these? Stedman? Gayle? Is she using a self-timer? If she's using a self-timer, that totally counts as a selfie. I stand by the idea that buried somewhere in there is a selfie taken by Oprah herself.

Oprah is the queen of posting pictures of herself not just on Instagram, but on the cover of her magazine every month for the past 14 years. Maybe Oprah's pictures aren't technically selfies, but when you post them (or publish them) yourself, maybe that should count as well. Oprah is challenging the very definition of selfie and I would expect no less from her.

Regardless of where you choose to draw the line, Oprah's "first selfie" is very selfie-ish with it's bad lighting and her face peeping over from the side. Oh, and like all normal selfies, it features a cameo from Idris Elba.