He's Got A New Girlfriend! We Think...

When in Rome! Josh Brolin is reportedly dating his assistant! The two were spotted kissing yesterday in the famed romantic city in Italy. The Labor Day actor and Kathryn Boyd, who has been his assistant for two years, were seen doing those touristy things that couples who like each other do — like PDA in front of Instagram-worthy monuments, get lost in maps together, and find more locales in which to snog. You know, it was cute, and it got the paparazzi hot and bothered in the way that celebrities kissing people does.

The actor and his ex-wife Diane Lane signed divorce papers last February (and on Valentine's Day, no less). However, the divorce did not finalize until November of last year, which means he's legally just a few short months out of his former marriage. He checked into rehab shortly after, but now it seems like he's out and about and in good spirits, and not to mention, has some projects up his sleeve, including Everest (which is why he's in Italy; he's filming), which will co-star Jake Gyllenhaal.

No word if they're officially dating, (because you know — not everyone you kiss romantically is always your significant other) but the pictures look like they're into each other!