It's Britney, and Anna Kendrick, Bitch.

In Vegas, it's either gambling or it's Britney, bitch. It looks like Anna Kendrick rocked out in Vegas at a Britney Spears concert alongside her costars from Pitch Perfect, and she shared her cuh-ray-zee times in Vegas (with her pals, bonding over Britney) on Instagram, so we all could share in the sheer JOY that is her documentation of her wild night.

It looks like she, Brittany Snow, and Kelley Jackle raged in the best way possible. Kendrick's totally candid Instagram captions for the ladies' weekend pics are just sheer evidence that 1) Anna Kendrick is hilarious and awesome and 2) when in Vegas and with Britney....Instagam-worthy times are inevitable, yeah? One of her captions said: "Sometimes these things just can't be avoided.#YaBettahWorkBitch#VegasBaby#BlueLightDistrict." AMEN.

And on another note, isn't it awesome to see stars having a good time in Vegas...but in a totally healthy, normal, girls-just-wanna-have-fun way? It's so cool to see super talented woman like Kendrick having a damn good time with her girlfriends and having it not be drenched in cocaine and vomit. It's the rarity for the Internet to jump on photos like, "hey! Wish I was there, too!" as opposed to "welp, another downfall in lady celebrity-dom."

Only thing missing from the Instagaram pics? Videos of the women singing along in harmony! Oh well...guess we'll have to wait for that til Pitch Perfect 2.

Image: Instagram/@AnnaKendrick