Margaery Gave Lady Olenna A Message On 'GoT'

I have to be honest, when Margaery and Tommen stood with the High Sparrow last week on Game of Thrones, I was super bummed. I am not ready for a show where Margaery joins the bad guys. I am simply not ready for her to give up her dresses that are cut to her navel and her unapologetic sass. I need theold Margaery. Well, tonight may have given me renewed hope because Margaery secretly slipped Lady Olenna a note with a rose drawn on it. But, what does the rose mean on Game of Thrones?

Well, in my opinion it means that Margaery is scheming some serious schemes. I don't think this whole religious act is the real deal. She is playing Tommen like a fiddle because let's be honest, he's so very, very easy to manipulate. Margaery isn't going to take what Cersei did to her and Loras lightly. After all, her brother is still rotting away in a cell, thanks to Cersei. Remember what she told her brother a couple of weeks ago? She told him that she was going to do what it took to get them out of that prison. Well, this is Margaery doing what it takes to win.

House Tyrell has a rose on it's banner and it's house words are, "growing strong." Lady Olenna is known as the Queen of Thorns. Roses are a seriously important part of their entire family. Margaery knows that this symbol is a symbol of solidarity with her grandmother. When she slipped her the drawing, it was after telling her grandmother to go back to Highgarden. It seemed like she was slipping further and further into this religious insanity, but the note just proves that it's a stepping stone to what she is really after, and that's revenge. She remembers where she came from and she's not going to let her captors forget it.

Image: HBO/Helen Sloan