A Gigi Hadid Makeup Line Might Be Coming

Her modeling skills are obviously on point, but Gigi Hadid might have a new venture up her sleeve. If you've heard the rumors and are wondering if a Gigi Hadid makeup line is coming, according to Us Weekly, it's definitely on the horizon — but not as soon as you may be hoping.

Being one of the world's top supermodels comes with a lot of perks, like having insider access to the best hair and makeup artists and learning tips and tricks that the rest of can't even conceive of. Throw in being a Maybelline spokeswoman and that beauty knowledge is just totally next-level, so it seems totally fitting that Hadid would put everything she's learned through her career into coming out with her very own makeup line. While at Maybelline's summer launches in Los Angeles on Saturday, Hadid addressed the subject, and revealed it's definitely a goal of hers.

So wait — is a Gigi Hadid makeup line coming? Probably, but not anytime soon. Hadid told WWD, "I would love to have my own brand inside Sephora, Walgreens, Target or wherever it may be. That’s my goal in five or 10 years." Five or ten years?! That is so long to wait for the kind of makeup you know she'd deliver.

Like, goals right there. But anything goes in this industry, and that's not to say it couldn't happen sooner. Especially if there's a lot of buzz and demand for it.

Either way, it's just exciting to know that it's on the radar and not entirely impossible. And when it does eventually drop — we'll all be totally stoked for it.