'The Bachelorette' Sex Talks Prove The Show Is Going In The Right Direction

Sometimes, the dates on The Bachelorette are really awkward, and sometimes, they’re really fun. Well, fun to watch — I can’t say that some of these are fun for the contestants to actually participate in. On JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette, she brought her group date to a comedy show in which people share their deepest, most hilarious sexual secrets. This seemed like fun for everyone, and it shows that The Bachelorette and The Bachelor are heading in a sex-positive (and correct) direction.

Most of these stories I’m sure were not 100 percent safe for broadcast, so they cut many of them down. Firefighter Grant told a tale of him losing his virginity and getting caught in a park with his pants down. Vinny recounted the time his mother walked in on him and his girlfriend, and Daniel, who probably will be on some kind of list after this, talked about the time he tied a girl up during sex (with her permission, natch) but ended up cutting off a tiny little piece of her hair. Wells mentioned something about a threesome, but to my chagrin, that piece mostly got cut. Disappointing huh? Oh, and Chad refused to talk about his past, instead trying to focus on “his future” and kiss JoJo on the cheek, which she rejected. Ouch.

As demonstrated in past seasons, sex is not something The Bachelor and The Bachelorette do well. Remember when Kaitlyn Bristowe was slut-shamed by fans from here to Mars because she slept with Nick Viall? And Juan Pablo Galavis rejected Clare Crowley after they had sex in the ocean? When it comes to The Bachelor/ette, there’s usually no sex until the Fantasy Suite. This date showed that perhaps, when it comes to sex, The Bachelor is ready to embrace it before the Fantasy Suite. As JoJo said, it’s very important to be able to talk about sex in a relationship. This date was a step in the right direction.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC